We stock a very extensive range of steel products.

Merchant bars include flats from 13mm x 3mm to 300mm x 25mm, angles from 20mm x 20mm x 3mm to 150mm x 150mm x 12mm, rounds (plain & deformed) from 6mm diameter to 50mm diameter and squares from 10mm x 10mm to 50mm x 50mm.

Structural steel sections include universal beams to 610 UB 125, universal columns to 310 UC 158 and channels to 380 PFC. All available in a wide variety of standard lengths from six to eighteen metres in the standard grade 300 and sisemic grade 300S0.

A full range of plate is available in mild steel (grades 250 and 300), medium tensile (grade 350), weather resistant, floor plate and high tensile quenched and tempered. Available thicknesses range from 1.6mm through to 150mm in plate dimensions from 2400mm x 1220mm to 9000mm x 3000mm.

Square and rectangular hollow sections are considered a specialist product for the company. The extensive range includes products up to 250mm x 250mm x 9mm and 250mm x 150mm x 9mm in lengths up to twelve metre. Surface finishes are uncoated (NOPC), primed and galvanised. Most product is dual graded to AS 1163 C350/450LO.

The company also has access to steel service centres to supply further processed steel products. The service centre is able to offer plasma and flame cutting and guillotining. We also offer a cut to length service for our structural products.

Asmuss Steel also offers an indent department with access to the worlds major steel mills to source that unique or non-standard product or large project requirements.

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