We manufacture and stock a comprehensive range of Chain Link Netting which is widely used in security, sports ground, internal and domestic fencing. The product has the advantage of economy, unobtrusiveness and durability.

Specifications include 25mm, 40mm, 50mm, 63mm and 75mm apertures manufactured from 2.0mm, 2.5mm, 2.80mm, 3.15mm and 4.00mm diameter Galvanised wire in widths from 600mm to 4,600mm. Stocks of 50mm & 75mm Netting are carried in 900mm, 1,200mm, 1,500mm, 1,800mm, 2,000mm, 2,100mm and 2,400mm widths however most widths within the range can be made to order in any quantities required with minimal delay.

Chain Link Netting is also manufactured from PVC Coated Galvanised Wire with apertures as for plain Galvanised and in similar widths in Evergreen and Black from 2.00mm, 2.20mm and 2.50mm core wire. The UV stabilised PVC coating enhances the appearance of the finished fence and both colours blend in well with shrubbery and other garden/park greenery.

Also available is a limited range of widths in 2.00mm core wire White PVC coated and, for safety barriers, Safety Orange PVC coated in 2.2mm core wire. These types are usually made to order.

In addition, a selection of 2.4 metre long galvanised fence panels provide other solutions to fencing needs. Panels are stocked in 1 metre balustrade panels, 1.3 metre pool panels, 1.3 metre motorway panels, 1.5 metre kindy panels, 1.8 metre & 2.1 metre security panels.

Supporting the Chain Link Netting and panels is a large range of Fence Fittings including both A Clamps (split bolt through type) and Tubeclamp (allen key cast type) together with PVC & Galvanised Caps and the Magna Latch range of gate hardware.

In Addition, wire accessories such as ties in a range of lengths and clips, together with the tools to apply them are available, as well as wire in coil - commonly used are 2.50mm and 3.15mm HT Galvanised for straining wires while 1.60mm and 2.00mm Soft Galvanised are used for lacing netting to top and bottom rails - and Barbed Wire in both Reverse Twist High Tensile and Standard. For temporary or budget fencing, "Y" posts are also available in 1,650mm and 1,800mm sizes.

The Asmuss range of Chain Link Netting compliments the galvanised and black pipe, RHS and steel flats and rounds which are also available with Chain Link Netting as a fencing package

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